D ajana Roncione is an italian actress borned in Palermo.

She started acting in a T. S. Eliot’s play directed by Pietro Carriglio “Assassinio nella Cattedrale” at 18 years old at the Teatro stabile Biondo.

After that, she decided to move to Rome in order to study at the National Academy of Dramatic Art “Silvio D’Amico”, one of the most prestigious acting Academies in Italy, where she graduated in 2007. She had the honor to work with  Luca Ronconi, Armando Pugliese, Giancarlo Sepe, Giorgio Albertazzi, Gabriele Lavia, Gabor Stefan, Jhon Axelrod, Katia e Marielle Labeque and also with the very known Italian filmmaker Michele Placido in “Il Grande Sogno” where she plays Isabella.

She acted in different television and cinema movies like “L’Ultimo re” directed by Aurelio Grimaldi, “La Croce e La Stella” by Salvatore Lo Piano and for the theatre projects she acted in “Il Sogno del principe di Salina, l’ultimo Gattopardo” directed by Andrea Battistini and Luca Barbareschi, ”La rosa tatuata” of Tennesse Williams directed by Francesco Tavassi, The “Misantropo” of Moliere directed by Paolo Zuccari ,”Reason To Be Pretty” of Neil Labute directed by Fabrizio Arcuri, ”Il Vero Amico” of Carlo Goldoni directed by Lorenzo Lavia, ”Tutto per bene” a Pirandello’s play directed by Gabriele Lavia ,”Amadeus” of Peter Shaffer directed by John Axelrod, “Otello” directed by Paolo Zuccari.

She was one of the lady lead characters in the episode “Una lama di luce” of Montalbano series directed by Alberto Sironi written by Andrea Camilleri in 2013.

Also she took part in many of the mini Rai series as “Il Sogno del Maratoneta “ regia di Leone Pompucci (2012), “Edda Ciano e il comunista” Graziano Diana (2011), “Il Nostro Amico Walter Chiari” E. Monteleone (2011),”Ben tornato Nero Wolfe” R. donna (2012), “Il segreto dell’acqua” R. De Maria (2010), “The Mafia Kill Only In Summer”, Season Two, directed by Luca Ribuoli.

In 2014 she worked with a french video artist Natalie Joffre in order to realize a video about Tina Modotti called “At the age of the double” supported by KML foundation. Recently she participated in the Tina Modotti documentary commissioned by History Rai and directed by Federico Cataldi with who she’s working for a cinematographic project.

Recently she worked for the second time with Michele Placido in a Pirandello’s play “Sei personaggi in cerca d’autore” where she plays the role of the stepdaughter.

Her last works are: “La Concessione del Telefono”, written by Andrea Camilleri and directed by Roan Johnson (2020) where she plays the role of “Lillina”; “Anima” by Paul Thomas Anderson (2019), where she’s the co-star; “Giorgio Ambrosoli – Il prezzo del coraggio” by Alessandro Celli (as Anna Iori Ambrosoli, co-star, 2019); “Io sono Mia”, directed by Riccardo Donna, as the famous singer Loredana Bertè.

She has been nominated best up and coming actress with the “Efesto D’Oro” award at the Napoli Cultural Classic.


2017-2018: “Sei personaggi in cerca d’autore” – by L.Pirandello – Role: Figliastra, female co-star. Directed by Michele Placido

2016: Amadeusby Peter Shaffer – Role Constanze directed by Jhon Axelrod

2016: Otelloby William Shakespeare – Role Desdemona – Directed by Paolo Zuccari

2015: Sistersconcert. with Katia and Marielle Labeque’s

2015: Amadeusby Peter Shaffer – co lead – directed by John Axelrod

2015: Il vero Amicoby Carlo Goldoni – lead role – directed by Lorenzo Lavia

2015: Nerone duemila anni di Calunnie, role of Poppea Directed by Edoardo Sylos Labini,Paolo Merlini.

2013: “Reasons to be Pretty” by Neil LaBute – Lead – Directed by Fabrizio Arcuri

2013: “Tutto per bene” by Luigi Pirandello – Supporting – Directed by Gabriele Lavia

2009: “Il Misantrope (The Misanthrope)” by Moliere – Lead – Directed by P. Zuccari

2008: “La rosa tatuata (The Rose Tattoo)” by T. Williams, with M. D’Abbraccio – Lead – Directed by F. Tavassi –

Tour 2006-2007: “Il Sogno del Principe di Salina: l’ultimo Gattopardo (The Dream of the Prince of Salina: the Last Leopard)” by A. Battistini – Lead – Directed by L. Barbareschi – Tour

2007: “Cechoviana” – Lead – Directed by Michele Placido – Teatro Tor Bella Monaca, Rome

2007: “Questa nostra giovinezza (This Is Our Youth)” by Kennet Lonergan – Lead – Directed by M. Farau – Teatro E. Duse, Rome

2006: “La nuvola in calzoni (A Cloud in Trousers)” by V. Mayakovsky – Directed by E. Coltorti – Teatro Sala Uno, Rome

2005: “Amata mia (My Beloved)” – Directed by G. Sepe – event for the White Night, Rome

2004: “Tre sorelle (Three Sisters)” by A. Chekhov – Lead – Directed by G. Jackets – Teatro Bellini, Palermo

2004: “Il borghese gentiluomo (The Middle Class Gentleman)” by Moliere – Lead -Directed by A. Pierucci – Teatro Bellini, Palermo

2004: “Adelchi” by A. Manzoni – Teatro Bellini, Palermo

2003: “Assassinio nella cattedrale (Murder in the Cathedral)” by T.S. Eliot – Supporting – Directed by P. Carriglio – Teatro Biondo Stabile di Palermo

2003: “Il Cantico dei cantici” (Song of Songs) – Lead – Directed by A.R. Addamo – Teatro Santa Maria Spasimo, Palermo

2002: “Prometeo Incatenato (Prometheus Bound)” by Aeschylus – Supporting – Directed by A.R. Addamo – Teatro Metropolitan, Palermo

2002: “Shakespeareana” – Lead – Directed by A.R. Addamo – Teatro Metropolitan, Palermo

2001: “Liolà” by L. Pirandello – Supporting – Directed by A.R. Addamo – Teatro della Pace, Monreale (Palermo)

2000: “Le notti di Palermo (The Nights of Palermo)” of Aversa – Lead – Directed by A.R. Addamo – Teatro della Pace, Monreale (Palermo)

1999: “I giganti della montagna (The Mountain Giants)” by L. Pirandello – Supporting – Directed by A.R. Addamo – Teatro della Pace, Monreale (Palermo)


2019:“La concessione del telefono” – Directed by di Roan Johnson

2019: “Giorgio Ambrosoli – Il prezzo del dovere“ – Directed by Alessandro Celli

2018: “Io sono Mia” – Directed by Riccardo Donna

2017:“La mafia uccide solo d’estate – 2^ stagione” – Directed by Luca Ribuoli

2017: “Tina Modotti” documentary – role Tina Modotti – directed by Federico Cataldi

2013: “Il commissario Montalbano (Inspector Montalbano)– Episode: “A blade of light” – Coprot. – Lead – Directed by A. Sironi

2011: “Il nostro amico Walter (Our Friend Walter)” – Role: Alida Chelli – Lead – Directed by E. Monteleone 2011: “Bentornato Nero Wolfe (Welcome back Nero Wolfe)” – Lead – Directed by Donna R.

2010: “Edda Ciano e il comunista (Edda Ciano and the Communist)”- Role: Angelina – Supporting – Directed by G. Diana

2010: “Il sogno del maratoneta (The dream of the Marathon Runner)” – Role: Teresa Bulgarelli – Lead – Directed L. Pompucci

2010: “Il commissario Montalbano (Inspector Montalbano)” – Roles: Ninette and Alba – Supporting – Directed by A. Sironi

2010: “Il segreto dell’acqua (The Secret of the Water)” – Role: Emanuela Ferrante – Lead – Directed by R. De Maria

2005: “Scenes from Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare – Lead – for Rai Sat

2004: “Paolo Borsellino” – Supporting – Directed by G. Tavarelli


2014: “La croce e la stella (The Cross and the Star)” – Lead – Directed by Salvatore Lo Piano

2011: “Fic & Pic” – Supporting -Directed by S. Ficarra and V. Picone

2009: “L’ultimo re (The Last King)” – Role: Polissena – Lead – Directed by A. Grimaldi

2008: “Il grande sogno (The Big Dream)” – Role: Isabella – Supporting – Directed by M. Placido


2002-03: Speaker for Radio Futura Network, Palermo

Languages Spoken

Spanish (basic) – English (advanced)

Dialects Spoken

Various Italian dialects (Sicilian, Roman, Emilian)

Latest Project:

Named after the original meaning of “alma” (soul) and the name of one the of main characters in Bergman movie “Persona”, “Alma” is a photographic project born from the artistic encounter between actress Dajana Roncione and Studio Black Marguerite (visual artist Nathalie Joffre).

Alma is a gallery of Dajana Roncione’s portraits, mixing visual codes from Dutch & Renaissance painting to fashion photography & social media.

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